Junior Gold

Junior Gold

A Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – authorized and regulated Open-Ended Investment Company.


Junior Gold’s objective is to provide long-term capital growth from a globally diversified portfolio investing primarily in small to medium capitalization companies specializing in identifying, developing and extracting gold.

It may also invest in mining companies extracting other precious metals. There may be occasions, in light of adverse market conditions, when the Investment Manager chooses to hold high levels of cash, bonds and government securities. The Investment Manager may use derivatives for efficient portfolio management purposes only.


The fund is advised by Sector Investment Managers Limited (SIM), and authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Angelos Damaskos who is the Principal Adviser, and Jim Slater, his father-in-law, are the largest shareholders in SIM. The other fund managed by SIM and advised by Angelos Damaskos is the Junior Oil Trust (www.junioroils.com) which over the past five years has consistently outperformed its benchmark the FTSE 350 Oil and Gas index.


Junior Gold was co-founded by Angelos Damaskos and Jim Slater on 1st September 2009 under the name Junior Mining. The name was changed to Junior Gold in October 2010 as the fund concentrated most of its portfolio in gold mining shares.

Jim Slater, core founding investor of Junior Gold and shareholder of SIM gives an interview to SKY News on gold, markets and Junior Gold. For Jim’s biography and current interests please visit: www.jimslater.org.uk