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Mining Journal

March 2021

Tom Hoskyns talks to Angelos Damaskos about the key gold trends in the aftermath of the pandemic crisis. In light of massive money printing, low long term interest rates & the role precious metals have to play, is gold a safe haven? Is there a short supply of precious metals and what about the need to increase primary mining production?


11th February 2021

The gold/silver ratio dropped from around 120 to just over 60 in the space of seven months. What does it mean for the price of silver and gold?

IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor discusses the prospects with Angelos Damaskos from the Junior Gold Fund.


24th July 2020

Silver: Is there a big price rise coming?

Mines and Money

2nd July 2020

Angelos Damaskos participates in a Mines and Money 5@5 panel discussing the gold market.


19 March 2020

If gold recovers, where are the small-cap opportunities?


27 June 2019

With gold having broken into new six-year highs and silver underperforming, IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor speaks to Angelos Damaskos, fund manager of the Junior Gold Fund, about what is happening. Damaskos explains that, typically, silver lags any move by gold by about six months.

Miners & Investors

26th June 2019

Drivers of Gold-Mining sector consolidation and the impact on smaller companies

CRUX Investor

21st February 2019

i) Join Angelos Damaskos, Chief Executive Officer of Sector Investment Managers, as he shares his reasons why he thinks mining is still a relevant investment class.

ii) Sector Investment Managers’ Chief Executive Officer Angelos Damaskos discusses the criteria they follow for investing in the mining space.

iii) Angelos Damaskos of Sector Investment Managers shares his thoughts and insight into what you, as an investor, need to consider before investing in the mining sector.


12th April 2018

Angelos Damaskos: Gold price on its way to $1,400?


8th February 2018

VIDEO IGTV’s Jeremy Naylor speaks to Angelos Damaskos, Principal Advisor of the Junior Gold Fund, on the volatility of current markets compared to a ‘safe-haven’ asset like gold.

Gold beats the ‘fad’ of cryptocurrencies.

London South East

13th June 2017

Angelos Damaskos presents the prospects for oil and gold as a safe haven.


11th May 2017

The key to gold prices is ‘monetary policy’ and the bond market sell-off.

Money Makers

24th March 2017

Talking Money: What next for resource stocks? (podcast).

London South East ‘Share Views’

2nd September 2016

Angelos is interviewed on Gold & Oil Bulls.


5th May 2016

Angelos Damaskos : Silver expected to outperform gold, but both will drive growth in bullion producers.


5th February 2016

Angelos Damaskos on the prospects for gold.


2nd October 2015

Angelos Damaskos highlights his strategy when picking gold stocks.

Thomson Reuters

2nd September 2015

Reuters Global Gold Forum
Q&A with Sector Investment Managers CEO Angelos Damaskos


23rd April 2015

Angelos Damaskos talks about the state of the gold mining industry.

Proactive Investor

25th March 2014

Angelos Damaskos says Crimea has proven gold remains safe haven.

Proactive Investor

24th December 2013

Damaskos says quality gold stocks present ‘tremendous’ opportunities for investors.


8th October 2013

Gold revival is a question of when – not if

Proactive Investors

13th September 2013

Rising gold price will help ‘very sharp re-rating of share price’ of gold producers

Interactive Investor

4th September 2013

Gold price to rise as US gains Syria strike support


28th August 2013

Gold: ‘It’s like summer never happened’

Investment Week

19th August 2013

What could prompt a gold rebound?


11th July 2013

Rate cuts could cause rebound in gold price

Investment Week

28th May 2013

Understanding the gold price rollercoaster

Proactive Investors

13th May 2013

What are the prospects for the junior gold miners?


19th April 2013

Angelos Domaskos: Gold will soon return to up-trend

FT Adviser

10th April 2013

Damaskos: You can’t argue with gold stats, Climate still ripe for gold resurgence, gold manager says

Proactive Investors

26th February 2013

Angelos Damaskos warns of “gold supply crunch”

Proactive Investors

19th December 2012

Angelos Damaskos discusses Junior Gold with Proactive Investors


23th October 2012

Damaskos: You can’t argue with gold stats


5th October 2012

Law of supply and demand to drive gold price higher


4th October 2012

‘Quantitative easing will be good for commodity prices’ VIDEO

Investment Adviser

24th September 2012

Investing in gold and silver – September 2012

Daily Mail

4th August 2012

As savers look at ways to protect their money – Is gold still a winner?

Investment Europe

13th June 2012

Gold’s continuing uptrend boosts gold mining shares, says Junior Gold’s Damaskos

Financial Times

8th June 2012

Dull economics can keep the shine on gold


27th May 2012

Gold disconnect provides rare investment opportunity


21th May 2012

Damaskos: Greek crisis to prompt new gold rush


18th May 2012

Angelos Damaskos’ take on the gold bear market

This is Money

18th May 2012

Savers rush for gold as eurozone debt fears drive up price


11th April 2012

Gold could reach $2,000 per ounce, says Damaskos


5th April 2012

Oil, gold likely to hit new highs: Sector

Investment Week

2nd April 2012

Oil and gold: Damaskos’ forecasts for 2012

Interview with Angelos Damaskos by Proactive Investors

26th January 2012

Angelos Damaskos the Junior Gold fund manager says the gap between shares and bullion will start to close this year. VIDEO

2011 Global Mining Investment Conference

27th & 28th September 2011

Angelos Damaskos presents the main investment approach of Junior Gold. VIDEO


26th August 2011

Angelos Damaskos: Gold is not set for ‘huge’ correction

Investor Today

15th August 2011

Disparity between equities and gold creates buying opportunity

Money Observer

11 August 2011

Gold price breaches $1,800


10th August 2011

In focus: The attractions of gold and oil

Investment Europe

18 July 2011

Gold shares could be re-rated

Investment Week

27th April 2011

Gold likely to hit $1,600 before end of the year

BBC News Online

25th April 2011

Gold and silver prices jump to new record highs


11th April 2011

Making the Most out of rising gold prices

Financial Times

25th February 2011

Go for gold: it is far ahead of electronic money


26th September 2010

Angelos Damaskos, founder and fund manager at Sector Investment Managers Limited (SIM), tells proactiveinvestors that there are a number of opportunities to invest in the gold market. ETFs have seen record growth, but he likes smaller stocks like Norseman Gold, Spanish Mountain and Focus Minerals.
See the interview.


12th July 2010

Angelos Damaskos, CEO of SIM, interviewed by CNBC on small gold miners.

Change of Name to Junior Gold

16th September 2010

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